About Si Gross


Mixed Media Artist. A curious creator of visual stories. Making Art based on stories about people and creatures. Drawing ideas from nature, ancient tales and current affairs. A world full of truth, mystery and lies. I capture their perceptions and how they behave with sincere and satirical illustrations.

Using my digital camera as a journal, travelling and collecting photos. Certain images jump out for further inspection and transformation.

I create designs, through a process of photographs transformed into digital or ink drawings. Made into something I can touch with printing, spray cans and pump-action paint pens. Switching between stark monochrome or painterly colours that are bold and dramatic.

I paint originals onto wood and metal panels. It's a solid surface that can soak up all those thick luscious layers of painted texture. I use screen printing because it allows repetition of motif and gives fast, simple colour changes that delivers a tactile hand finish. Also drawn to giclée printing due to the high quality lush pigments. My prints are made into limited editions.