About Si Gross

I’m Si Gross. Mixed media artist, that makes art about people and creatures. Ideas come from nature, ancient tales and current affairs. A world full of truth, mystery and lies. I poke fun at the powerful. I sit and stare into the ocean.

I create illustrations and animations that start with a travel diary of photographs and moving images.

I remix the contents of the diary with ink drawings, spray cans and pump action paint pens. Switching between stark monochrome or painterly colours that are bold and dramatic.

There’s something elusive about the process that turns digital art into something I can touch, then bounce it back into the computer. Drawn to digital because I can draw anywhere and transmit quickly. There’s a variety of tools and it’s easy to experiment with.

Originals are mostly made on wood and metal panels. It's a solid surface that can soak up all those thick luscious layers of paint to deliver a tactile hand finish. For my animations sweeping soundscapes are made with found sounds and through collaborations with artists and musicians.